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Recently Awarded Hudson Valley Magazine's Best New Venue 2020

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by Robyn Funk July 19, 2020

Revel 32 hosted our wedding last night and we couldn’t be happier!! Deciding to continue with our wedding during COVID was a risky and frustrating venture, but the owners and staff at Revel helped guide us through the guidelines and restrictions. We spent a lot of time brainstorming ways we could still have a good time while keeping all our guests and their staff safe. It was more fun than what we could have imagined, given the circumstances! The venue is drop dead gorgeous! The ambience was perfect and the drinks were all delicious!

The staff and their customer service were fabulous! A HUGE shout out to Bianca, who was the foundation of making my day a perfect success. I couldn’t have done it without her guidance and support.

If you haven’t checked this place out yet you’re definitely missing out!!


 by Kevin Kaye via google:


Fantastic time at the Valentine's Day party and comedy show... Venue is an unexpected surprise. If this is the future... Poughkeepsie has a bright one!

 Jen Walter 2020

I love the uniqueness and versatility of this place. It's elegant without being 'stuffy'. The music was great, the food was yummy and the staff was very personable. A really fun time overall!

 by   Greg Clounie via Google   


This is one of the most beautiful venues in the entire Hudson River Valley. A destination venue for any large gathering. Simply amazing.