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8-26-23 John Jay Alumni Night with The Vagodas


The Wait is Over! For the first time in 35 Years John Jay's Most Legendary Rock and Roll Band The Vagodas return to Dutchess County for a Night of Reunion and Rock-n-Roll!

Saturday August 26th, 2023, Revel 32 Poughkeepsie NY.

The Vagodas Call on All John Jay Alumni Classes, Faculty, and Friends from Rival Dutchess County Schools! This is the night to all be in one place, for an evening of reunion, comradery and to see the return of The Vagodas for The Love of God!

Spread the word to your alumni friends, prom dates, former crushes, hall monitors, bus drivers, coaches, teachers, and cafeteria workers. One Night, One Monumental Reunion with one Legendary Band, The Vagodas!

The evening will also bring an opportunity to give back to the John Jay and Local Community. Don’t let another year go by saying “You know we all should get together some night”. Saturday August 26th is that night.

This event will be recorded for the next Vagoda Documentary and for the history books. So be a part of history and “Go Back Where We Started” with The Vagodas!

Space is limited so get your tickets early.

  • $25 Advanced Tickets

  • $35 Day of Tickets

Doors Open at 6:30pm

Cash Bar/Food to Order

Revel 32° | 32 Cannon Street, Poughkeepsie NY 12601

Get Your Tickets Here!

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